Predicted Chelsea VS Barcelona 2012

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My prediction on the review in the semifinal real madrid and bayen munchen was one of the predictions that I gave yesterday will be won by Real Madrid with a score of 3-1 was the result was 1-2 for bayern munchen my prediction wrong deh hehehehehe. Okay preksi BTW for the game this time is no less phenomenal match is between teams chelsea and barcelona fc.

let’s dust from their coaches – each of chelsea are currently handled by Matteo anggelo in which incidentally the owner appointed as Caretaker by chelsea. while acting as Caretaker but since switching to the coaching of AVB Anggelo di Matteo is very impressive because it can bring very good results by being able to step into the Champions League semi-final by beating napoli. whereas in the barcelona handled by a charismatic coach but always keep a low profile and always gives a good apreasi for all the opposing team to be facing. unprepared Guardiola was always polite to the liver – the liver and careful of each face opponents both seeded and non seeded opponent. fc barcelona always be seeded by football observers around the world in fact Guardiola never felt jumawa and prejudice against the opposing team. I give appreciation to the coaches on this one because of his extraordinary and thoughtful in providing an assessment of any conditions on the face.

Now we will look for the goalkeeper position. we start from barcelona who inhabited by a very tough Valdes in goal from all time league champion goalkeeper Valdes was able to find quality, by bringing to the semi-final barcelona fc 5 times in a row. While the in the chelsea camp inhabited by Petr Cech is great also under the rule. but in the Champions League this time the goalkeeper Petr Cech has always conceded and not even able to bring Chelsea as champions league champion.

let’s look at the defender position in hudni by masig talented players in each camp. at the start of Chelsea who inhabited by John Terry, Frank Lampard, Michael nasih assien and much more. while at camp david barcelona there Goncalves, and the krebo macherano Charles Puyol is very unusual if it appears in a state fit 100% then it is very straightforward and hard. By looking at some of the factors behind chelsea is always conceded in every game in the champions league barcelona premises has been met would be very helter skelter in barcelona striker striker made by a very sharp at the line.

then in the midst of us will in a very unusual berikansajian. yes we will see adreas ineata, Xavi Hernandes is definitely second to none in the control of affairs asist b ola and that always gives scored a beautiful goal for Barcelona striker. but wait on the eye goals chelsea there have any experience playing in the Spanish league. but to me obvious candidate center position barcelona dong with young talent that has become a world trend sejal old and has always been a favorite around the world.

Now we will look to the front position for both teams, at camp chelsea we would in suguhi by fernando torres is for 2 years as a month – monthly media have started to show his strength by successfully making 7 asist and 3 goals in season 2011 to 2012 in hand The new coach began his talents Matteo anggelo in shiny again. torres is still there but Didier Drogba, who has always been a mainstay of Chelsea to break the opponent’s goal. For tri barcelona stake which is owned by the barca goal was very thirsty, especially Messi, who scored 14 goals in the Champions League this year and 62 goals in all competitions followed and from all competitions dikutinya barca is still possible to win it. in addition there masihn messi cuencha, pedro and Alexis Sanchez is a highly qualified and well fabregas is always nice if the playing conditions Fit. position clear in front of an opponent if barca not scoring affairs and have the opportunity to increase purses – purses goals.

from the reviews I’ve mentioned it when my predictions so now barca will win the fight this time with a score of 2 -1 for barca. and for your support barca would be berlega careful because the composition is ideal for players to win the game tonight Nati let’s see how it plays out tonight. chelsea for sure just get a great result in their local competition with a score of 5 to destroy Tottenham -1 which would be valuable to the capital to face barca chelsea. but personally I remain optimistic that barca will beat chelsea at home.

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Prediksi Barcelona VS Chelsea 2012 EL Clasico 2012

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